AgReliant Genetics Announces $18 Million Investment in Decatur Foundation Seed Facility

WESTFIELD, Indiana (Nov. 1, 2022) – AgReliant Genetics today announced it will invest $18 million in capital improvements at its Decatur, Illinois, foundation seed facility. Scheduled over the next three years, the improvements will expand capacity and add the latest technology and automation to better serve farmers across the U.S. and Canada.

“These investments are part of our commitment to deliver one-of-a-kind, high performing corn hybrids to farmers through our AgriGold, LG Seeds and PRIDE Seeds brands,” said Drew DuBois, AgReliant Genetics Vice President Operations and Supply Chain.

DuBois said the investments will include state-of-the-art seed drying and processing systems, warehouse and office expansion, and equipment optimization – all with a goal of producing parent seed with more efficiency and at higher volumes. Parent seed forms the genetic foundation for the company’s unique product lines. New systems will optimize seed processing and add flexibility to supply farmers’ needs.

AgReliant Genetics’ significant investment reinforces the company’s presence in the Decatur community, DuBois said. New technologies and automation will lead to skilled employment opportunities, and construction will utilize regional contractors and local labor.

“The operations and employees at our Decatur site are critical components of our company’s future growth strategies,” he said. “AgReliant Genetics is committed to growth, innovation and customer service, and we believe this is a benefit to the Decatur community, as well as farmers across the country.”



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