Become an EDC Insider!

Who are EDC Insiders? In short – you are. You grow when Decatur grows. That’s your bottom line and ours.

Your business needs employees, an exciting community and access to professional connections with the inside track. That’s what you get when you become an EDC Insider.

Here’s how we help:

  • Make connections for your business to the people and resources you need
  • Provide access to a small business development counselor
  • Connect to regional industry suppliers
  • Provide general industry research and local economic indicators and demographics
  • Guide site selections and site connections
  • Advocate politically for pro-business needs
  • Provide co-branded employee recruitment materials
  • Conduct business attraction efforts for Decatur
  • Support and guide community projects
  • Coordinate regional community efforts
  • Manage financial incentives for development

As an EDC Insider, here’s what you can expect to receive:

  • Annual personal meeting to discuss your needs to improve Decatur and your business
  • Annual forum with leadership training, EDC updates, and opportunity to voice your issues
  • Original, detailed research including survey creation and data analysis
  • Custom, annual and local market report focused on your industry and business
  • Targeted employee recruitment marketing with digital advertising and landing pages
  • Marketing toolkit with advice and guidance
  • Trailing spouse employment help
  • Individual project collaboration providing expertise on content, copy, graphic design, strategies and more

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