Electricity and Natural Gas

Provider: Ameren Illinois

Decatur and Macon County has an abundance of water supply and infrastructure to meet the needs of your business. 

With 9 billion gallons of high quality and reliable water locally, Decatur is prepared for massive amounts of water production and              sanitary treatment. Watch the video below to learn more. 

Water Supply Details

Supplier: City of Decatur
Source: Lake Decatur
Storage Capacity: 8.91 billion gallons / 33.73 billion liters
Water Plant Design Capacity: 36,000,000 GPD / 136,274,824 LPD
Average Consumption: 32,090,000 GPD / 121,473,864 LPD
Average Water Plant Additional Capacity: 17,070,000 GPD / 64,616,979 LPD

Lake Decatur is not only beautiful, it offers companies a dependable water source with 9 billion gallons in storage capacity. Nearly $100 million has been invested within the last five years to provide a reliable water system, including maintaining the water capacity of Lake Decatur with a dredging program – increasing the storage volume by nearly 30%.

Sanitation Details

Sewage Treatment: Secondary
Average Excess Capacity: 10 MGD
Design Capacity: 41,000,000 GPD / 155,800,000 LPD
Average Load: 31,000,000 GPD / 117,347,400 LPD

A robust sanitary sewer system that accommodates manufacturing and industrial flows. Local governments continue to invest millions of dollars to ensure a reliable system with capacity to service any industry.


We know the importance of infrastructure and infrastructure supply to your business. Ameren Illinois provides our community with larger access to electric and natural gas infrastructure than any other community in downstate Illinois. 

Watch the video below to learn more. 

Providers: Comcast, AT&T , Metro Communications Co, and HughesNet, DIRECTV, Frontier

Data Communication Service

Status: Available

High Speed Internet

When it comes to bandwidth, few Illinois cities can compete with what Decatur has to offer. As part of the Illinois Century Network, businesses here enjoy enhanced inter-connectivity, resource sharing, and access to in-state content and cloud resources.
City of Decatur Fiber Network Map
Additionally, Decatur and a local partner have recently received a $1.4 Million grant to extend the fiber network, setting Decatur even further ahead of other cities.