An Award-winning Business Climate


Decatur, Illinois offers all the right resources for companies in industries including advanced software development, biotech research, high-tech manufacturing, cryogenics and worldwide distribution to be successful. Industry-leading companies like Caterpillar, Archer Daniels Midland, International Control Services, 300 Below, and Mueller Company are all proud to call the region home.


Sometimes companies outgrow their space. We are here to help in the expansion process. Many incentives are available in Macon County through our Enterprise Zone. If your company is located or is planning on relocating in this zone, you may be eligible for sales tax exemption on qualifying building materials used in your expansion project.


Our number one priority is taking care of the businesses in our county. We know businesses are faced with many challenges, especially in today’s economy. When companies need help, we are here to help with tools and resources such as employee training, GIS data mapping, demographic research, workforce studies, and more.

Become an Investor

The EDC of Decatur-Macon County is laser-focused on jobs. In fact, it’s our mission. We know that jobs drive people and people drive growth. When we grow as a community, your business and organization grows, too. If you care as much about Decatur as we do, then it’s time to pitch in and make your mark. There’s no better way to do this then to make sure you have a seat at the table. When you invest in our organization, you’ll be in the know offering opinions on projects and making decisions that matter. You’ll be driving the direction of our community.

For more information on becoming an investor, contact Nicole Bateman at 217-422-9520.